What is a drum circle?

A drum circle is a group of people creating music together using various hand percussion instruments.

How long does a drum circle last?

It depends on the group and the goals of the group. Team building activity for a corporation may last 40-45 min, a large public event may last 1-2 hours, and seniors 30-60 min. The group tends to drive the time.

How much does a drum circle cost?

The cost depends on the size of the group and amount of instruments and facilitators required to successfully support the group size, the distance to travel and length of time desired by the event planner.

How many people are able to participate?

That depends on the location. Outdoor street party events can handle hundreds; indoor events are limited by the size of the venue and maximum capacity rules.

Where do people have drum circles?

One Tribe leads final friday drum circleChurches have hosted drum circles in fellowship halls, outdoors in the parking lot, or the sanctuary. Senior Centers use their activity room, living room, or outdoors in a court yard. Public events use public parks or block off the street. Back yards and living rooms work great too!!!